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What We Do

Interior & Exterior  

We clean both outside and inside of a property if requested we have even gone as far as attending to 7 mirrors internally for a client. if this is the case and you'd like inside done please make us aware when you make your booking so we can allocate the right time allowance. Our operatives are very conscious of there role and have boot covers to protect your flooring. please remove any objects away from the windows and sills prior to us attending. 

Domestic & Commercial 

There's not much that phases us, we love taking on new challenges. We have a variety of clients  from car dealerships to static caravans if it needs cleaning we want to make it shine.

We love working closely together with local businesses its what makes the community! 

Regular discounted plans or one off cleans 

Why not subscribe to one of our maintenance plans completely customised to your needs choose from 4, 6, 8, 12 weekly services. Typically people that choose this option save themselves 20%

Our Services

Traditional window cleaning 

The traditional methods of  cleaning a window is achieved by applying a cleaning solution to the window with an applicator and then cleaning it off manually with the use of a squeegee. We then wipe down the window sills and frames with a cloth leaving a perfectly crisp clean window every time.

Prices start from £25 for the exterior  and £40 for internal, 

quotes may vary this is based on a typical 3 bed terraced house.

Water pole system cleaning

Water fed pole cleaning is a great innovation that has opened up the market for a wide variety of window cleaning jobs. For over a decade water fed pole cleaning has been increasing in popularity in the UK. Water fed pole window cleaning uses telescopic poles, equipped with brushes and water jets feeding off of pure R/O water to ensure a crisp finish and streak free after drying.

Prices start from £10 based on a small 1 bed flat or small shop window, on average £18-22 for a standard 3 bed terraced house  quotes may vary dependant on your property.

Conservatory care 

In some cases, cleaning the conservatory roof is all that is required since the rest of the structure is easily accessible and relatively straightforward to clean. When it comes to cleaning the algae, dirt and grime off the UPVC roof, we use our purified water or a chemical solution if needed

Prices start from £60 for external and £45 for internal based on your average conservatory, quotes may change dependant on your property. please contact us what you require doing and we'll provide you with a more accurate quote.

Fascia's & soffits 

For an even finish, We spray steadily along your soffits and fascia's, removing all dirt and grime from them and all vents. Once we have finished we then rinse your soffits and fascia's for a final clean to ensure  that spotless finish. 

prices start from £35 and can vary on the size and condition of your property. 

Gutter maintena​nce

Blocked gutters? 

Minor repairs?

Wire brush installation ?

Over the years we have  found leaving a problem could create bigger problems,

call in the professional's today sit back relax and a member of our team will  attend to inspect to resolve the problem.

prices start from £60  but as you can imagine each job can be slightly different so a quote will be given to you after your inspection prior to commencing any work.

Pressure washer deep-clean

Patio ?

Decking ?




Commercial ?

whatever the challenge were all over it!

Pressure washing services and exterior cleaning of commercial & Domestic buildings and similar structures requires trained, experienced jet washing technicians, using high-quality equipment to achieve the best results without damage.

Prices start from £60 per hour 

Signage Refreshment 

Both time and weather can take its toll on your signage, whether its professional or private rest assured we will make it shine again prices start from £15

Christmas light Instillation 

We offer to Install and/or remove Your Christmas lights, please note we do require you to provide the lights and fittings 

Get in  touch to book this service and to find out more 

   Why not call us today for a free no oblig​ation  quote   

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